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Past Projects

More information about each project is coming soon!

Our Past Projects include:

Soil and Water Between Four Sacred Mountains Video
Torreon/Star Lake Chapter

Four Navajo Chapter Youth
Navajo Nation, Water Management Branch

Rio Puerco -- Rio Señorito Restoration
Rio Puerco -- Rio Señorito Restoration
Forest Guardians

Developing a Multi-Part Learning Unit for Rangeland Management
Arañal Sagebrush Removal Demonstration
Arañal Sagebrush Removal Demonstration
Jennifer Johnson

Rabbit Ear Mesa Erosion Control
Ojo Encino Chapter

R.W. Johnson

The Meander Cutoff Project, located on the Rio Puerco south of Cuba, was designed to reduce the threat of bank erosion along the high walls that line much of this stretch of the river. At one particularly weak spot, two close river meanders were eating away at both the upstream and downstream sides of a high wall. If the river were to break through this weak spot completely, it would cut out a nearly 3,000-foot meander from its path. Without the stream length to slow it down and with a steeper gradient to traverse, the Rio Puerco would quickly pick up greater erosion potential. To save this large meander, a new stream channel segment was created to cut off the smaller meander that had been eroding the upstream side of the weak spot.
Cactus Flat Watershed Restoration
Torreon Chapter

Thompson Spring Range Unit
Thompson Spring Range Unit
Pueblo of Jemez