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Michael Benson

Navajo Nation Department of Water Resources, Water Management Branch
7-8 years with RPMC

I am part of RPMC because my people at the Chapters want to participate in taking care of the land and making it more productive. My favorite RPMC success story comes from a Cuba Elementary fourth grader, who was learning about erosion from the RPMC outreach coordinator. When the student was asked how he knew to use rocks on an eroding hillside, he said he had gotten the idea from his brother, who had worked on the Torreon Summer Youth Crew with RPMC. I believe this anecdote shows that RPMC is working: concepts are spreading. My long-term vision for the group includes reauthorization by Congress and a sense of community in the Rio Puerco basin. I see RPMC as a great opportunity for people of many different cultural backgrounds to work together.