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RPMC Vision Statement

It is 2006, and we are a group of people learning how to live on the land. As residents in the watershed, we are working together to restore the land, to complete a transition from a worn-out watershed to a healthy stream system, and to maintain a healthy way of life in harmony with the Earth.

There is a concerted and collaborative effort underway to consider all aspects of the problem and to propose solutions. We want to build understanding of what a watershed is, how it works, and how it nourishes the community. The result will be native grasses and springs in abundance, to protect the land and to provide for its use by all living beings.

As we progress, the physical setting is restored, and cultural and economic benefits are improved. Through education and community, we hope to achieve a self-sustaining Rio Puerco Watershed, with environmental, social, and economic vitality. By 2056, people are living sustainably on the land, and everyone - rural and urban - has a deep respect and understanding of healthy land.