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Who We Are

The Rio Puerco Management Committee (RPMC) is a collaborative group of partners that regularly meet and undertake restoration projects within the Rio Puerco watershed. Participants are a diverse group of 9 federal agencies, 5 tribes, 13 state agencies, 6 non-profit organizations and interest groups, and numerous residents, landowners, and interested citizens.

Established by the Omnibus Parks and Land Management Act of 1996, the RPMC works to "...develop alternative watershed management plans for the Rio Puerco Drainage Basin, based on best management practices." Our projects focus on reducing sediment within the watershed, improving vegetation and habitat, and supporting a variety of other watershed factors, such as socio-economic benefits and public awareness. We are committed to working in a way that reflects people's sense of stewardship. Projects within this working landscape must serve the needs expressed by residents and partners for community development, productive ranching, and traditional land uses.

Members of the RPMC community share their personal reasons for getting involved in Rio Puerco watershed restoration.
Contributions by partners include assisting with workshops and field tours, designing riparian restoration, offering range management, collecting monitoring data, providing technical assistance with projects, and leveraging funding and resources.
In 2006, the Rio Puerco Management Committee developed a vision statement for the next 50 years. Read our vision here.